December 2018: KRC returns to the Atlantic Terminal Community Center with a donation of children's books for ages 5 to 18. Over 300 books are donated.

November 2016 - April 2018: KRC starts an 18-month residency with the Samuel Proctor Residence in Harlem. Children ages 5 to 10 participate in on-going literacy workshops. Some of the books reviewed in class include “Where the Wilds Things Are,” “Mufaro’s Daughters,” “The Lorax,” and “Shiloh.”

February 2016: We are thrilled to participate in the World Read Aloud Day at Oliver Street School in Newark, NJ. Third graders were treated to a dramatic reading of Madeline led by a professional actress.

January 2016: KRC returns to the Atlantic Terminal Community Center in Fort Green, Brooklyn for a literacy workshop filled with activities that built focus, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills.

December 2015: KRC returns to the Campos Plaza Community Center for a fun-filled workshop on "Giraffes Can't Dance." Each student reads the book then learns to waltz, tango, and jungle dance like the animals in the book. 

November 2015: KRC receives a second donation of books from the Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College.

November 2015: KRC returns to the Davidson Community Center for a literacy workshop based on the book, “Where The Wild Things Are.” 

October 2015: We're thrilled to help the Jonathan Rose Foundation set-up a cozy homework and study room for children at the Yomo Toro Building in East Harlem.

September 2015: KRC receives a donation of books from Bank Street College.

August 2015: Thank you to the Children’s Book Council for the wonderful donation of books.

July 2015: Thank you to the Children's Book Committee at Bank Street College for the generous donation of books.

May 2015: HarperCollins donates books to our newest reading room.

April 2015: Our Executive Director, Marlene Veloso, is featured in Rutgers Today for her work as a fiction writer and literacy advocate. You can read the article here.

April 2015: KRC inspires Phipps Houses to open their first children’s reading room in the South Bronx. In addition to consulting on the project, KRC donates Dr. Seuss artwork and several beanbags to the space. 

March 2015: KRC sets up its 6th reading room with the NYC Housing Authority at the Lehman Village Community Center in East Harlem. Five colorful bookshelves, two large rugs, beans bags, artwork, and over 1,000 books are donated to the center.

January 2015: Our Executive Director, Marlene Veloso, wins the 2015 Meringoff Writing Award for Fiction from the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers. Read more about it here

September – January 2015: The Women’s National Book Association – NYC Chapter holds its second book drive series in support of KRC’s literacy programs. Together, we’ve collected almost 1,000 books for children.

September 2014: Orchestra of St. Luke’s partners with KRC to hold a book drive in each of the five boroughs of New York City. Part of the St. Luke’s Subway Series, this book drive brought in 432 books for our reading rooms. 

May 2014: KRC donates over $3,000 of equipment and thousands of books to set up its fifth reading room with the NYC Housing Authority at the Campos Plaza Community Center in Alphabet City.

April 2014: Erin Frankel blogs on the “The Meaningful Work of Marlene Veloso” and KRC in a new series of interviews that highlight the spirit of passing kindness. Click here to read the interview.

April 2014: KRC holds a special workshop with illustrator Paula Heaphy at Oliver Street School in Newark, NJ.  Each student receives 3 books from “The Weird Series” and learns how to illustrate and create their own picture book.

March 2014: “The Bookwoman,” a national publishing industry newsletter, features KRC and our joint book drive with the Women’s National Book Association in their spring issue.  Click here to read the newsletter

January 2014: Our Executive Director, Marlene Veloso, reviews and writes a promotional blurb for the forthcoming book, “Raising Passionate Readers” by Nancy Newman.

December 2013: The Women’s National Book Association - NYC Chapter organizes seven separate events, spanning four months, and collects 560 books for children. All books go towards our 5th reading room with the NYC Housing Authority.

November 2013: The WNBA - NYC Chapter holds a fundraiser in conjunction with Barnes & Noble and award-winning author, Ann Patchett, in support of KRC.

November 2013: Our Executive Director, Marlene Veloso, is interviewed in the fall issue of The New York Bookwoman. Check out the Interview with Marlene.

October 2013: Two book drive events are held in New York City.

September 2013: The Women’s National Book Association - NYC Chapter kicks off its first children’s book drive with KRC. 

May 2013: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers holds a fundraiser to benefit KRC’s literacy programs.  

April 2013: KRC builds its 4th children’s reading room with the NYC Housing Authority. The newest location is at the Davidson Community Center in the Bronx.

March 2013: Our Board Member, Raj Bhatia, is nominated for Moody’s Global Volunteer of the Year Award.

February 2013: Scholastic invites KRC to join its Global Literacy Campaign.

January 2013: Our Founder, Marlene Veloso, is nominated for Work Style’s Magazine People To Watch.

October 2012: KRC returns to The Atlantic Terminal Community Center in Brooklyn for a Harvest-themed StoryTime.

September 2012: Moody’s Corporation and KRC partner for our 4th annual children’s book drive and collect almost 700 books.

September 2012: Barnes and Noble donates proceeds from area book sales to support KRC’s literacy initiatives. 

June 2012: KRC participates in the King Towers Community Center's summer kick-off event in Harlem.  Children participate in literacy workshops and receive free books to take home.

June 2012: KRC returns to the Manhattanville Community Center to host a literacy workshop for children.

May 2012: The Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center, PS112, and KRC partner to conduct two literacy workshops at kindergartens in East Harlem.  Each child takes home copies of "A Chair for My Mother" and "Cherries and Cherry Pits."

March 2012: KRC is proud to support Volunteers of America with a donation of Spanish-language books for children living in domestic violence shelters.

December 2011:  The NYC Housing Authority partners with KRC to build a children’s reading room at the Manhattanville Community Center. This is our largest one yet! 

October 2011: KRC donates chapter books and middle-school books to fourth graders in Newark, NJ.

September 2011:  For the third year, The Moody’s Foundation partners with KRC to hold a children’s book drive.  The books collected are used to build a reading room for children in Harlem.

June - July 2011: KRC completes an independent evaluation of our Family Literacy Program.  This effort strengthens our commitment to provide innovative programs that build literacy skills and motivate children to keep on learning.

May 2011: KRC hosts another family literacy workshop in East Harlem. All families take home a copy of the book reviewed in class.

April 2011: KRC returns to the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center to hold a poetry workshop for parents and caregivers. Families receive a copy of “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

January 2011: School #8 in Belleville, NJ receives a donation of 1,100 books from KRC. The books are used to supplement classroom libraries.

December 2010: Chubb Group of Insurance Companies and KRC partner for our second annual holiday book drive. 

November 2010: KRC completes a series of six family literacy workshops at the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center in East Harlem.

October 2010: KRC pilots a new poetry-based literacy program at Lafayette Gardens Community Center in Brooklyn. 

October 2010: Books from the Moody’s book drive and resource books purchased by KRC are used to set up a Dr. Seuss themed children’s reading room at the Atlantic Terminal Community Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

September 2010: KRC collects close to 1,000 books at the second annual Moody’s Corporation book drive.  

June - July 2010: The New Jersey Star Ledger and Channel 12 News feature KRC for our work in the community. 

June 2010: KRC sets up its first children’s reading room at a New York Housing Authority location in Brooklyn.  The location receives thousands of books collected at KRC’s book drives as well as newly purchased books shelves, bean bags, rugs, wall art, and resource books.

May 2010: A second donation of books is made to the YM & YWHA of Washington Heights.  The books are distributed to families and children at a local park.

March 2010: Through a generous grant from the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children, KRC is able to extend its family literacy workshop into a series at the Stanley Isaacs Center in East Harlem.  

March 2010: The Moody’s Foundation recognizes two employees for global volunteerism, noting their work with KRC.

February 2010: A free book fair is held for parents and children in Washington Heights who attend an afterschool literacy program.  Children grab books by the armful to take home. 

January 2010: KRC makes a donation of over 1,000 books to Ann Street School in Newark, New Jersey.

December 2009: Chubb Group of Insurance Companies holds a holiday book drive and collects over 3,000 books. 

November 2009: KRC partners with the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center to bring a family literacy workshop to families in East Harlem. The Center reaches across generations and ethnic groups to serve over 5,000 inner-city youngsters and families.

June – August 2009: In partnership with the Chinatown YMCA, KRC launches a 12 week summer literacy program. Students participate in brainstorming sessions, storytime, classroom discussions, hands-on activities, and games that build strong reading skills. 

June 2009: KRC donates books to PS 126 in the Chinatown/ Lower East Side area in support of a new school library. 

May 2009: New York Cares receives a second donation of books. 

April 2009: Markit Corp, a financial information services company, in Midtown Manhattan holds a spring book drive for KRC and collects over 250 books. 

April 2009: A donation of books is made to a Bright Horizons Bright Space in Paterson, NJ. Oasis – A Haven for Women and Children gives families a real chance to acquire the skills needed to break out of the cycle of poverty. 

March 2009: Moody’s Corporation holds a company-wide children’s book drive with KRC. Over 1100 books are collected and distributed to locations around New York City, including the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center and PS 84 in Brooklyn. 

March 2009: KRC partners with BPC Neighbors Association to hold a family literacy workshop in Battery Park City. The workshop helps parents understand how their child learns to read and presents fun, literacy-based activities that families can do at home. 

January 2009: The first donation of books is made to New York Cares. 

December 2008: In partnership with Rockrose Properties, KRC holds a Holiday Book Drive and collects over 500 books. 

December 2008: Publishers Little Brown and Henry Holt both contribute new books to KRC programs. 

November 2008: KRC launches the website. 

June - August 2008: KRC incorporates and receives 501c3 status. 

March 2008: KRC is founded by a group of friends with a common goal.

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